Betapsi represents all university and sixth from students studying psychology. The organisation also caters for secondary schools by means of both formal and informal education. Betapsi endeavors to work towards the enhancement of the psychological profession within the Maltese society.

The organisation strives to provide opportunities for self development, while also equipping students with educational tools to improve their skills in psychology. Due to magnitude of field in psychology, we aim to cater to a large variety of interests and thus, we create an extensive selection of both academic and social events that encourage debate. Through workshops, conferences, seminars and forums, the organisation facilitates discussion and the occasion for the dissemination of both psychological knowledge and personal experiences in the field of psychology.

Betapsi is well-aware of the current changes in mental health and the increasing need of research in Malta. Thus we provide the appropriate scenario of working and studying opportunities to students who want to further their career in psychology. This is done by informing students of opportunities that we can provide them with. These can range from volunteering with different NGO's to writing psychology related papers. While doing so, students are building up a strong network to keep during and after years at University.

Additionally, Betapsi aims to provide students with the opportunities for cultural and social exchange not only within our borders but all over Europe. This is done through various exchanges and through collaboration with other organisations such as the European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations (EFPSA), which Betapsi is a Member Organisation in. Through their events and services, Betapsi has created a network in Europe, which supports self development and academic expansion.

President: Shanice Borg
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.