Karin is a 20 year-old student currently in her second year of studies reading for a Bachelorʼs Degree in Psychology (Hons). She is an outspoken, diligent student who dreams big and works hard.

In her first year of studies, Karin made part of the Psychology student organization Betapsi, where she occupied a sub-com role in the international office. From this position, Karin had responsibilities networking through international affairs; including, organizing a student exchange for psychology students which presented opportunities to coordinate with people of different nationalities and cultures. In her second year she joined Betapsiʼs Executive team as Social Policy Commissioner, allowing her to take on more responsibility in representing Betapsiʼs views on current issues and making use of her well-spoken nature in discussing with other organizations.

So far in her time at university, and as part of Betapsiʼs team, Karin has been involved in organizing two student exchanges and a student trip, while also enjoying the experiences of all of them herself. She believes that with these experiences and her experience as part of Betapsi, along with her resilient, outgoing and imaginative character, she has a lot to offer KSU and the students of the University of Malta regarding international matters andopportunities.

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Facebook Messanger: m.me/karin.cassar
WhatsApp Number: 99014808
Instagram Profile: instagram.com/kariiin28/