Anthea is a 22-year old currently in her third year at the University of Malta as an Engineering student, specialising in structural and thermofluids.

Anthea always had a passion for travel, sports and mathematics. Thus, she took the initiative of putting these interests to good use in her second year of studies by starting her experience within international student organisation, IAESTE Malta. In her first year of involvement, Anthea took on the role of Events Officer, whereby together with her team, she successfully organised not only a number of academic activities for several faculties, but also several social events.

Furthermore, Anthea continued to excel in her role, by which she was later elected as President of IAESTE Malta. One of the many roles was to coordinate a team responsible for the delegation of incoming and outgoing students for internships abroad. Notwithstanding this responsibility, Anthea was also able to monitor any local events and activities taking place.

 Having successfully contributed to an international organisation for the past two years, Anthea has the right experience and skill set not only reach, but exceed the potential of this year’s International Office. Amongst many goals, Anthea aims to build the link between local and foreign students through enriching cultural experiences.
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