Martina is a 22 year old student currently completing her 4th year of studies for a Bachelor of Science in Applied Biomedical Science. From her first year at university Martina showed an interest in student activism and the work done by student organisations. She started participating in events organised by the Malta Health Students' Association and went on to join the executive board in her second year of studies as Leisure Officer. She went on to fill in the role of Executive Board Member the following year and ended her final year in the association as elected President for the association, a demanding yet extremely rewarding role.

Outside of University, Martina is also enthusiastic about fitness and sports particularly basketball and running. Martina is also a passionate hiker and explorer of the Maltese Islands and beyond.

As the incoming KSU International Coordinator, Martina believes she can bring a lot to this office through the skills she has acquired from her work in MHSA. She looks forward to bringing more international opportunities for Maltese students as well as improving the integration of international students with local students and the Maltese society.
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