This year, mental health amongst students is one of the main issues that the KSU Social Policy Office is focusing on.  Numerous initiatives have been introduced related to this which include a mental health focus group set up to tackle this issue specifically within University.  Earlier this morning the free Mental Health First Aid course for students was launched, which will be offered later on this week.  Further information on the initiative was given by KSU President Carla Galea, Ms.Sarah Bondin from the The President's Trust, KSU Social Policy Commissioner Petra Grech and KSU Social Policy Coordinator Christian Aquilina who all had a few words to say about this initiative.
The KSU Social Policy Office has worked thoroughly to introducing it for free for a limited number of students, since the usual cost of €45 per person might discourage them from applying for the course.  The main reason which motivated these students to apply for it revolved around the fact that it does not only help the applicants in assisting others but it also makes them self-aware of their personal state of mental health at the end of the day.

The demand and interest shown by students for this initiative was a positive surprise and many commented that they believed such sessions should be introduced in a more widespread manner to more students in the near future.
KSU would like to wholeheartedly thank Her Excellency and The President's Trust for supporting the initiative and who believed in such4 a project from the very first day it was suggested to them by the Council.  Thanks also goes to the Richmond Foundation who will be offering the course to 20 preselected students who must attend two sessions, one on the 24th of November and another on the 1st of December to be able to complete it successfully.

After having received over 50 applications in just a matter of days, the KSU Social Policy Office has strived to make this pre-selection exercise as smooth and fair as possible to be able to reach as many students from all the faculties at University.  All applicants were asked to write a short motivational paragraph and the selections were made based on such applications.  The students chosen are:
7 Medical students
3 Psychology students
1 Pharmaceutical Science student
2 Social Policy Work students
2 FEMA students
2 Nursing students
2 Commerce students
1 Law student
1 Arts student

As the The President's Trust helped students by supporting the Council in offering this course,  KSU appeals to University of Malta and any other stakeholders to consider extending this opportunity to even more students in the coming semesters.