President: Gayle Lynn Callus

Gayle Lynn is a 24 year old student, currently reading for a Bachelor of European Studies with Communications (Hons).

He is in his second year of studies and has been actively involved in SDM (Studenti Demokrisjani Maltin) for more than 7 years, where he served as the SDMjc President, Human Resources Officer, Activities Co-ordinator & Public Relations Officer. Last year, Gayle Lynn was also on the KSU Executive Board between 2013 - 2012 were he was elected as the KSU Culture & Entertainment Officer.

Gayle Lynn has always been involved in student activism; ranging from various productions at St. Edward’s College, SCOOPS, Din l-Art Ħelwa, Young Enterprise and more. During his time both at Junior College and University he has been taking part in various extra-curricular activities such as the Junior College Soiree; also forming part of the JPT - Junior Production Team and also the KSU Students’ Fest. Since the age of six, he had a passion for performing arts taking part in various productions ranging from Musical Theatre, Opera to local TV Series. He used to attend Masquerade Theatre & Arts School were together with Trinity College London (Trinity Guildhall) has achieved a Grade 8 Distinction in Individual Acting Skills. Lately he has also been involved in various productions produced by ‘Teatru Rjal’ whilst also directing the latest KSU Students' Fest - Hercules, the Legend of Citta' di Nanza.

Gayle Lynn enjoys student life on campus and has always sought to involve himself in student activities and contribute as much as possible to life on campus. He believes that everyone should seek an opportunity to explore his or her various talents and interests. Gayle Lynn is now serving as President leading a team of students coming from all walks of campus life, joining together to ensure that KSU continues to play a leading part in safeguarding students' rights and interests, whilst working and lobbying for a better university.

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Mobile: 79287968