Social Policy Coordinator: Andrew Muscat

Andrew Edward Muscat (born 19 January 1992) is currently reading for a Bachelor of Laws degree. He is known for his efficacious methods and humble approach. Andrew has a passion for travel, literature, cuisine, wine, music, and anything Maltese, to mention a few. To get away from the frantic activity of everyday life, Andrew enjoys the odd late night coffee in Valletta, absorbed by the romantic notions of the city. 

Andrew is relatively new to student activism on campus; prior to taking responsibility as KSU Social Policy Coordinator, he held the post of Logistics Officer on the 13/14 JEF Malta Executive Board. His time in JEF Malta proved indispensible. Andrew was always sceptical about joining an organisation, probably because of the perception that student activism and academic achievement cannot coexist.

Andrew now reiterates his determination to inspire and empower students to stand up and be counted. He believes individuals have the inherent need to express themselves; thereupon, he has made it his mission as Social Policy Coordinator to work tirelessly in order to facilitate debate, foster critical thinking, promote innovative ideas, embrace cultural diversity, and welcome unorthodox ideologies.

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobile: 79227323