Culture and Entertainment Coordinator: Rebecca Camilleri

Becky is currently in her third year of University reading for a Bachelor of Laws.

After spending the past year as the Vice- President of KSU, Becky has become further aware of the importance of student representation and continues to dedicate her time towards a more inclusive council for the students. As Vice-President, one often tends to be involved in all aspects of the council’s work; be it cultural, administrative and/or Marketing related.  This experience in the council therefore makes Becky confident that she will be able to deal with any obstacles that may occur during this term in KSU.

After Collaborating with the Culture and Entertainment Office of 2013/2014 executive on a number of events and initiatives (namely student’s Fest, The V18 Collaboration and Kokka Night), Becky considered the possibility of forming a part of the council once again, this time as Culture and Entertainment Coordinator.

Becky’s exposure to the Dramatic arts began when she was 5 years old and has been a passion of hers ever since. Having taken part in roughly 20 plays and having always taken a keen interest in various art forms, Becky is keen to start her work in the KSU’s Culture and Entertainment office. As one can imagine, the roles of Vice-president and Culture and Entertainment co-ordinator are quite opposite in nature, but this challenging aspect in itself is something that drew Becky to the role.

Becky shall continue to build upon the work of the previous executives whilst still coming up with new innovative ideas for the council. Above all however, she aims to ensure that KSU acts as a platform for student’s to express themselves and enjoy themselves in the process.

Excited about the year ahead, Becky intends to put all the skills she has acquired throughout the years to good use so as to help achieve the goals set out by the KSU team.

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Mobile: 79373744