Public Relations Officer: Andrew Borg Wirth

Currently pursuing an Architecture degree at the University of Malta, Andrew has always had a flair for the arts and a thirst for creativity. At 20 years old, Andrew makes the most of his time, getting involved in many different organisations and initiatives.

Having graduated from the Diploma in Design Foundation Course in 2013, which preceeded the Bachelor of Science in Built Environment he is currently reading for, Andrew enjoys art and photography, together with graphic and visual design. He is also keen on entrepreneurship, having led the winning Young Enterprise team ‘rewined’ for the 2010 Company Program, being personally awarded the Smart Achiever of the Year Award and taking part in the JCI Business Challenge.

Andrew is an advocate for student representation, a cause that has been fond to him since before becoming a University student. He has previously held the post of Vice President for the Society of Architecture & Civil Engineering Students (SACES), and sat on the KSU Culture Sub-Committee for 2013.  It is with pleasure that he now enters the KSU Executive Board for the 2014/2015 term as Public Relations Officer, a post he is passionate about.

Andrew’s involvement outside University also includes the VOICES concerts, the Production Team of which he got involved with in 2012. Coordinating the teams for photography and costume, and assisting with graphic design, this experience taught Andrew volumes. He will once again be involved in the 2014 edition of the show, which is a massive philanthropic effort that collects money to the tune of a 200 member-strong choir. VOICES remains one of the highlights of Andrew’s calendar. He was also involved in KSU’s Students Fest for 2014, ‘Hercules’, as Coordinator of Media and contributed to a Malta Design Week Submission of that same year, by Savoury&Co.

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobile: 79930622