Financial Officer: Alistair Baldacchino

Alistair is a 21 year old student currently reading for a Bachelors of Science in Business & Computing. He is in his third and final year but intends on reading for a Bachelors of Commerce(Hons) majoring in Management next year. Alistair has chosen this path as he finds both sectors very interesting and would like to build a career including both of them. Alistair is a very big sports fan, particularly of football; being  a Liverpool supporter, he never misses a match. He also enjoys listening to music and has an appetite for travel.

Alistair has previously spent 3 years forming part of the executive committee of The Association of Students of Commercial Studies (ASCS), the faculty based organisation for FEMA. In these 3 years he occupied the roles of FEMA coordinator, Secretary General and President. In these 3 years the organisation was very active, the most notable events were the business trips, which saw several students visit London, Paris and Dublin.

This year Alistair shall be occupying the role of Financial Officer of KSU, this will surely prove to be a challenge which will take a lot of work and dedication. Maintaining the council's financial stability and achieving financial goals will be his top priority together with trying to increase commercial income by getting more sponsors. It is important to keep progressing as we have been the past few years and to continuously invest in our students.

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