Yacopo baldacchino

Education Commisioner 

Yacopo is a 22-year old student currently wrapping up his Bachelor’s degree in Biology, with a thesis on Conservation Science. He has been an active student for four years, partaking in activities both on campus and outside.  

He has spent most of his University life working within S-Cubed, starting off within the Media, Education and Social Policy sub-committees. He then spent two years as a Public Relations Officer and another year as President. During his term as President, the organisation worked towards increasing awareness on environmental issues and activism within the Faculty of Science. 

This year he was re-elected as a student representative within the Faculty of Science, after having been highly active in both KE meetings and Faculty Board meetings for two years. 

Yacopo sees a great importance in promoting the work of the Commission, as well as the student representatives in general. He aims to do this through facilitation of information and more inclusive discussions. He is a strong believer that Student Representatives should be equipped with the necessary training allowing them to be the voice of the students within their faculties. 

Another aspect which he wishes to focus on is communication between student representatives, their respective faculties, and student organisations to be able to tackle arising issues with a united front. Whilst continuing on the work done in previous years, Yacopo wants to come up with new ways of enhancing the academic achievements of students within the University of Malta. 


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