William Farrugia


William is a 22-year-old University of Malta student, currently reading for a law degree.  

He served as KSU Secretary General for the term 19/20, where he coordinated the Council’s administration and was of support to student organisations at UM.  

It is William’s belief that KSU is a vital organ for the student body within the University of Malta and it is the job of the executive committee to see that KSU is empowered to deliver on its role. The aim of KSU is that of offering to students a structure which is proactive in addressing their needs, and which is available to offer them support throughout their University experience, be it due to academic issues or any other needs. 

William’s vision for KSU is that of crafting the Council into a structure which is friendly towards students, adapting to their requirements and needs, whilst striving to represent them at higher levels within the University, nationally and internationally to guarantee their rights. This includes addressing academic issues and working with stakeholders to craft future policies with students at their core and to develop and improve the support systems available to students both internally within KSU, as well as externally.  

A strong belief which motivates William’s work is that at the end of its term, this Council should have evolved itself into an organisation which serves these aims through excellent communication and support with students.  

On a more personal note, William has a passion for sports and photography, he is an avid runner, participating in mainly long-distance running events he has successfully competed in the Malta Half Marathon.  


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