UM Wolves

President: Francesco Pace Parascandalo

The UoM wolves was an initiative started early on in 2018 to give students the opportunity to practice a new and perhaps unconventional sport in the name of the university. People who join are welcomed to not only a rugby club but also to new peers group that helps bridge the gap between the study life and the social life in a manner which is constructive, interesting and of course heaps of fun.

The club is comprised of both a women’s 7s team and a men’s 15s team with plans for men’s 7s well underway. Even though players have not been training together for a long time, they are proud to say that thus far they’ve played several games and tournaments with outstanding results. Ultimately, the university wolves intends to serve as a means for students to develop a variety of skills outside of the lecture hall which can be used anywhere from the social constructs on campus all the way up to the work place and perhaps even the world of competitive sport.