KSU calls upon the University of Malta to reconsider its decision to postpone graduation ceremonies that are traditionally held in November/December 2020 to February/March 2021 at such an early stage.
Graduation ceremonies are the culmination of years of hard work by thousands of students and a proud moment for both them and their families. The often emotional nature of these ceremonies requires that decisions are made with greater sensitivity.
At present, the status of a national health emergency and most of the health-related social distancing restrictions previously in place have been lifted, meaning that as of right now, there are no constraints on the planning of graduation ceremonies.
As it stands, KSU believes that graduation ceremonies should not be postponed and such a decision should only be considered if the situation in the period closer to these ceremonies has deteriorated to such an extent that these ceremonies would raise health concerns.
KSU is in contact with the University of Malta administration with the aim of trying to find an agreeable solution for both graduands and the University, allowing students to celebrate their successes while ensuring that the health of all those attending is safeguarded.