The Buddy System is a KSU initiative in collaboration with the UM International Office which aims to match local students with new international incoming students in order to facilitate their integration on campus.

The buddy’s role is to offer support and guidance in the first few weeks after arrival, as well as to remain a point of contact during the rest of their stay. A buddy is essential in helping new incoming students adapt to the University of Malta’s lifestyle whilst contributing towards a memorable experience in Malta. The aim is also to provide active engagement for local students with international students, fostering opportunities for intercultural growth and exchange of knowledge and experience. With the help of numerous other student organisations we were able to generate an encouraging interest amongst local students in becoming buddies. This was a fundamental prerequisite to the success of this initiative since it ensured that international students were being matched with people from the same course.

The buddy system is the first of many collaborations between KSU and the UM International Office this year which aims to leave a positive impact on the experience of international students’ here in Malta while also encouraging their integration with our local community. UM local students are also benefiting from it, as they are able to establish new friendships while experiencing first hand the vast cultural diversity present on campus.

International students applying for a buddy, click here. 

Local students applying to be buddies, click here.