Society of Architecture and Civil Engineering Students (SACES)

President: Adam Micallef

SACES, The Society of Architecture and Civil Engineering students is a faculty based, non-profit organisation, founded in 1974. It is aimed at heightening the student’s university experience throughout the lengthy and intense years endured during the course, while bridging students within different streams together through a number of social and educational events.

Since its founding, SACES have worked consistently in order to develop a reliable and approachable platform upon which students can voice themselves both within and outside the University as well as become informed with any opportunities which is offered to them by the field beyond the course.

Throughout the year SACES organises several events, including informative talks, workshops, parties and oversees trips, aimed at being inclusive of both faculty students as well as those outside the faculty. We consider ourselves fortunate to have such a responsive and active student body at our faculty, which encourages us to continue exploring means by which we can contribute to their university experience.