The Science Students’ Society (S-Cubed)

President: James Caruana

The Science Students’ Society, S-Cubed, was established for all students within the Faculty of Science of the University of Malta to bridge the gap between the six different departments of the faculty. S-Cubed’s activities consist of a large variety of academic and professional events that are organised to fulfil the vision of the organisation, that of providing members and students opportunities to enhance their skills and to interact with each other. Over the past 16 years, S-Cubed has been working to represent its members both at the University of Malta on a wider national and international level, promote cultural and scientific interchanges amongst its members, and encourage the development of an environment more conducive to the advancement of science through various campaigns and initiatives.

S-Cubed has three main focus areas: Academic, Science Communication, and Social Policy. Through seminars, site visits, workshops, and most importantly the Annual Science Conference, the Education Office offers opportunities for students to enhance their academic experience. International trips are also organised annually with the aim to broaden students’ horizons. Science Communication is achieved by participating in national events like Science In The City and ĊineXjenza. The aim is to promote science to the general public. STEAM workshops invite science students to learn on how to communicate science to audiences. The Social Policy Office promotes discussion of current issues affecting science students as well the general public.

However, not all events are academic. The Leisure Office gives students the chance to socialise with one another, in an informal environment.

Through such a wide variety of activities, S-Cubed aims to produce well-rounded scientists with a practical outlook, rather than a purely academic background which is no longer enough to meet the professional and cultural challenges that they will be faced with in the future.