Statutory Documents

The Annual Report is a comprehensive look at all the work carried out by KSU during that term in office. It includes a detailed description of every member’s contribution to towards achieving the aims of the council and also shows the direction taken during that term. The online archive of reports available here dates back to the 2013/14 term, whilst older archives are available at the KSU office and the University of Malta Library.

Rapporti Awditjati fuq il-Finanzi tal-KSU / KSU’s Audited Financial Reports

Forms for the Annual General Meeting 2021.

Motions received for the Annual General Meeting 2021

Forms for the Extraordinary General Meeting 2021.

Minuti tal-Laqgħat Ġenerali Annwali jew Straordinarji / Minutes of Annual or Extraordinary General Meetings

Standing Orders tal-Kummissjonijiet / Commissions’ Standing Orders