Opinion Pieces

Opinion Pieces

  1. No anonymous submissions will be accepted. However, articles may be anonymised upon request from the author.
  2. You are kindly requested to state where you are expressing a personal opinion.
  3. All intellectual property laws and regulations must be respected. The work submitted must not be plagiarised and proper attribution to the author must be made in the case of referring to another individual’s work.
  4. All references to other sources must be included in the piece being submitted.
  5. The exactness of quotes must be maintained.
  6. No insulting, hostile, defamatory language or hate speech will be allowed.
  7. While political pieces will be accepted, a submission may be rejected if it is deemed as being partisan. A submission will be considered as being partisan if it evidently prejudiced in favour of a particular cause.
  8. The Editorial Board reserves the right to refuse the admission of any opinion piece if it is deemed to be in breach of these guidelines, if it is likely to cause harm and/or if its contents can be considered as being potentially libelous. This also includes the situation where the Editors have well-founded concerns or suspicions that the submission contains potentially misleading information.

  1. Submissions should be sent to [email protected]. The writer may suggest what type of photo they want to be associated with their article.
  2. Notification of receipt of submission shall be sent to the author within two (2) working days of submission.
  3. The Editorial Board shall meet every 2 weeks to review opinion pieces received. The meeting may be postponed if a sufficient number of submissions is not received. The Editorial Board also reserves the right to hold an ad hoc meeting should the need arise.
  4. In the case that the article is time-sensitive, the author should include the word ‘URGENT’ in the subject field of his submission email, so that the article can be given priority and be published in a timely manner.
  5. Once a determination is made by the Editorial Board, the author will be contacted with the details on the acceptance or otherwise of his/her submission. If the piece is rejected then the author will be given the reason for the rejection via email.


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