Naomi Attard

International Officer

Naomi is a 22 year old student who graduated from BSc Nursing (Hons) and is currently reading for Doctor of Medicine and Surgery. Her passion for student activism started when she was entitled with the role of a class representative in the Nursing degree course.

Naomi was also chosen as a Student Representative on the Board of Studies in the Department of Nursing. Her priority was to be the voice of all nursing students on a departmental level and to resolve issues that greatly affected the students. Naomi was very active and involved herself in the Malta Health Students’ Association (MHSA) as a subcommittee member of leisure and health. She was later entrusted with the role of Public Relations Officer and in the following term, the Secretary General of the Association.

The role of Secretary General entailed the management and follow up of any student problems within the Faculty of Health Sciences as well as student representation in various events and meetings. During the term 2018-2019, Naomi was entrusted with the prestigious role of Education Coordinator within Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU) and she made it a priority to advocate for student’s needs and injustices with multiple stakeholders. Some of her work within the Education Office included balanced compensation, increase of the 20 hour working limit, student activism accreditation and online submission of assignments, amongst others. Naomi is dedicated to make students a priority in any sector and that their voice will always be heard.


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