During the last KSU term, the Room Allocation Report has undergone a process of reform. A subcommittee hailing from different student organisations on campus was formed, to make sure that this reform was as fair and well-rounded as possible, tackling all the different areas that were of importance to the organisationsThis process of reform came to its close at the start of this new KSU term and Annex A and regulations were voted on and approved during the first KPS meeting.  

This improved RAR format focused on evidence. If evidence was not provided, no or minimal points were provided. This new format gave a more honest and fair chance for organisations to showcase their initiatives in a transparent manner. The Board feels that this new format, when executed properly, has helped organisations gain points where words were usually not enough to prove the proper execution of the initiative at hand. This change, was obviously reflected in the points allocated for this report. It is important to emphasise that the writeup is not the main contributor to the points, but it is there solely to explain and give context to the evidence provided.  

The COVID 19 pandemic has also played a part in this Room Allocation Report. Points that used to be given for staple events in the second semester could not be given, however a number of points could be given for the planning of the event and if this event was already made public. This fact was repeated both during Admin Forum and the KPS Meeting where RAR was discussed, however some organisations did not take advantage of this concession. This can also be seen reflected in the points allocated during this report.  

The Room Allocation Board would like to congratulate all organisations on the completion of the Room Application Report and their allocation results.