Matthew Xuereb

Education  Coordinator

Matthew is a 4th year student at the University of Malta currently reading for a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.  

In his past role as UESA President, he spearheaded various initiatives including an Erasmus+ funded project, and lead the team behind the organisation and execution of an international European Young Engineers conference in Malta with around 100 participants from all over Europe.  Matthew also held the role of Council Member at the European Young Engineers.  

Through his past roles and in his role as student representative on Faculty Board and Board of Studies at the Faculty of Engineering, he has been vocal about safeguarding the interests of all students.  

Matthew is also active on issues related to the Engineering profession, he is currently a Student Member on Council at the Chamber of Engineers.  

As Education Coordinator, Matthew will be working on various pertinent issues that students are encountering whilst ensuring that the Education Office within KSU is ready to cater for adequate representation in any difficulty students might be facing in their studies. 


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