Endorsed by:
ASCS, Betapsi Malta, DESA – Department of English Students Association, ELSA Malta, ESN – Erasmus Student Network Malta, Għaqda tal-Malti, GħSL – Malta Law Students’ Society, GUG, Għaqda Studenti tat-Teoloġija, IAESTE.Malta, ICTSA – ICT Students’ Association, Insite Malta, JEF Malta, Junior Chamber of Advocates, MAKE – Malta Association for Knowledge and Education, MHSA – Malta Health Students’ Association, Malta International Relations Student Association, MKSA – Media & Knowledge Sciences Association, MMSA – Malta Medical Students’ Association, SACES, SDM – Studenti Demokristjani Maltin, SĦS – Studenti Ħarsien Socjali, S-Cubed – Science Students’ Society, UESA – University Engineering Students’ Association, University of Malta Futsal, University of Malta Rowing Club, USPA – University Students of Performing Arts Association, TDM 2000 Malta
After deliberating within the KPS structure, KSU has resolved that:
• The detainment of migrants aboard Captain Morgan and Supreme Cruises vessels for more than 37 days is fundamentally against Maltese values, the spirit of the Constitution and international treaty standards and obligations.
• While we acknowledge the European Union’s duty to aid countries at the forefront on the migration issue, the political and diplomatic wrangling should not take priority over human decency.
• The considerable expense on such an operation, allowing private vessels to operate what is arguably a floating prison, is purely wasteful considering the more logical and legally-sound alternative of providing detainment on land where the respect of fundamental human rights can be ensured and assistance given.
• The easing of pandemic-related measures, resulting in the imminent opening of points of entry, further nullifies any and all reasons for keeping migrants on the high seas.
• The current detainment of migrants on private vessels is not a sustainable or longterm solution, and degrades human life to a mere bargaining chip, to be used against our European counterparts; a telling sign of diplomatic failure.
Therefore, KSU calls for the immediate disembarkation of migrants aboard private vessels, in the hope that such illogical practices are not resorted to at any point in the future.