The European Students’ Union (ESU) is the umbrella organisation of 45 national unions of students’ from 39 European countries. ESU promotes and represents the educational, social, economic and cultural interests of almost 20 million students to all key European decision-making bodies: the European Union, Council of Europe, UNESCO and the Bologna Follow Up Group. Throughout the years, ESU has witnessed many internal and external changes while continuously developing itself to what it is right now: a professional advocacy and capacity building organisation that is influential and recognised as an important stakeholder at the European and international level.

Besides representing the views, needs and perspectives of European students, ESU aims to ensure and strengthen students’ participation and to increase the student input into higher education policy and decision making at the local, national and European level. ESU promotes a higher education system based on the values of quality, equity and accessibility for all. Another important aim for ESU is to be renowned and respected as a source of expertise on higher education policy at all institutional levels and to build links and foster an exchange of information, ideas and experiences among students and student platforms at a regional and global level.

ESU regularly produces publications, such as the Student Centred Learning Toolkit (published in 2010) and provides training to increase the knowledge of the national students’ unions and provide them with valuable tools for their work. All written materials are provided free of charge, while attendance at training is heavily subsidised through projects that are mainly funded by the European Commission.

BM77 in Malta

ESU’s highest governing body, the Board, meets twice a year, and is hosted at one of its member organizations’ state. Decisions regarding ESU’s direction are taken during these yearly Board Meetings.

The next Board Meeting, BM77 will take place in Malta and is hosted by KSU, the University Students’ Council. The Board Meeting is the highest decision-making body, where every member organization has the right to vote on standing orders, strategic political priorities, plan of work, policy papers, statements and resolution.

BM77 will focus on Social Dimension, Human Rights and Solidarity. KSU’s vision is to promote social inclusion and integration of different communities and cultures within the university, to bring a sense of unity and community between students, and the ESU BM77 is a good opportunity for KSU to continue to further its reach and vision across its boarders to a European level.

Feel free to contact the KSU International Office via email on [email protected] for more information!