Graduation Speeches 2019

KSU, in agreement with the University of Malta is leading a selection process for the graduation speeches of the fourteen undergraduate graduation ceremonies, taking place between the 28th of November and 6th of December 2019.

The selection process will be coordinated by a board of five student representatives appointed by the KSU Education Commission, which is made up of University of Malta student representatives from each faculty, institute and center. This will be termed the KSU Graduation Ceremonies Board 2019. KSU reserves the right to publish the chosen speeches on the KSU official website once they have been delivered.

To resolve any queries or to request further information please contact us on [email protected].

Guidelines for Writing Graduation Speeches:

Please make sure to carefully read the guidelines below prior to submitting your speech to the KSU Graduation Ceremonies Board.

  1. The deadline for your submission is at noon on Wednesday 9th October. It is essential that you hand in your speech to KSU by the stipulated deadline. No late submissions will be accepted, unless no other speech for that particular ceremony has been submitted.
  1. One hard copy of the speech must be handed in at the KSU office in addition to an electronic copy, which is to be sent by email to [email protected]by the deadline mentioned above. Both copies must be identical.

2.1 A declaration of ownership and authenticity must be annexed to the hard copy of the speech and a scanned copy must also be sent in the same email mentioned above.

2.2 A contact form including personal details should be submitted with the speech.

  1. The duration of your speech should be about ten minutes (approximately 1000 words long). The Board reserves the right to refuse any speeches that exceed the time limit.
  1. Speeches are to be in either Maltese or English and proper use of the chosen language must be maintained throughout. It is imperative that the student focuses the writing of the speech to ensure a flowing and understandable delivery during the reading.
  1. The Board may ask shortlisted students to attend an interview to ensure that they have satisfactory delivery skills. The interview will serve as an evaluation of the students’ motivation that justifies their candidacy for reading the graduation speech.
  1. Students are allowed to direct criticism towards the University during their speech, but their criticism must be constructive and well-based (free of any libellous elements and/or subjective remarks). Students are also encouraged to suggest solutions for problems, rather than simply pointing them out.
  1. Mentioning the non-academic aspects of student life within the speech is highly encouraged.
  1. Students are to note that the Graduation Ceremony is a solemn ceremony. Humour is welcome, but not in bad taste.
  1. Following the board’s approval, any selected speech may be edited lightly, also taking into consideration the comments of the board, however this may not change the sense or scope of the chosen text. In any case any changes must be submitted to the board for approval by not later than 20 days prior to the graduation ceremony. Once approval has been granted a signed copy of the final version of the speech must be submitted to the KSU office and sent via email to [email protected]. A declaration of ownership and authenticity must also be submitted.
  1. Only one speech per ceremony will be selected. In light of this, KSU would like to stress the fact that speeches must not be exclusive to the student’s course. KSU also recommends that the student consults with representatives of other courses present during the same ceremony, so that meaningful references are made to them as well. Graduation speeches that focus solely on one course will strictly not be accepted.
Graduation Speeches Declaration
Graduation Speeches Contact Form
Graduation Speeches Declaration
Graduation Speeches Contact Form