Author: Thomas Mifsud, KSU Public Relations Officer.

What we are witnessing is a crucial time in our history. It is a time in which we are in the position to determine the fate of the country we are to inherit.

We refuse to be written down in history as the generation who were cheated out of an inheritance to be proud of. It is time to stop convincing ourselves that conservative conversation will lead us anywhere in such a state of affairs. It is time to let our passion lead us, a passion for our country and its people, a passion for a Malta we were once proud of. It is time for us youths to stand up and fight for the morals we believe in. It is time for us to ensure that our future is free from corruption, hatred and greed.

We will persist until the beautiful character our country once boasted, a character founded on generosity, familiarity and goodwill, is restored.
Let us not be afraid to fight for our future.

We’ll meet tomorrow at 3.15PM in Pjazza Tritoni.