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Helplines Available

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National COVID-19 Helpline: +356 111

Assistance for food and medicine whilst in quarantine: +356 21411411

KSU Helpline: +356 79077990

To contact public health authorities on issues regarding quarantine, please send an email to [email protected]

Latest Update: Students’ Fest Postponed.

16th March, 19:23

We inform you with a heavy heart, that Student’s Fest 2020 has been postponed indefinitely. The health and wellbeing of the student body must always come first.

The last rehearsals were held early last week when the decision was taken to postpone. We will take a decision on the show’s future once the current public health crisis improves. We thank the hundreds of students who were part of the preparations and invested hours into this production.

Feedback and Monitoring.

16th March, 11:00

While our top priority is to ensure students’ and their families’ health and safety, the council is also currently working together with student representatives and organisations to monitor and keep track of the situation and ensure that all matters brought up by students during this challenging time are addressed. We would like to encourage students who are experiencing difficulties with maintaining their studies from home to immediately flag their issues with their respective student representative, or with the council.

At the same time, we would like to remind everyone that the situation is not easy for anyone involved, so we encourage all students to be understanding of the situation and UM until all systems fall into place.

We remain committed to providing any assistance necessary at this time and are available through our own KSU helpline on (+356) 79077990. To report COVID-19 symptoms call 111.

KSU Reaction to the confirmed COVID-19 case of a UM student.

14th March, 11:00

Following, the press conference held by the Public Health Authorities earlier today, a student attending the University of Malta has tested positive for Covid-19. In such a difficult time, we would like to first and foremost wish our fellow student a speedy recovery. We remain at your disposal as always.

We would also like to stress the importance of showing respect towards one another whilst staying calm through these unprecedented times. The Superintendent of Public Health has confirmed that they are focusing their efforts to trace any possible people that might have been in direct contact with this student as a means of precaution. Our position as a council is to work and support with the Public Health authorities in any way we can.

We urge everyone to refrain from speculation about the above-mentioned case or any other case amidst this crisis. Moreover, we urge everyone not to share any personal information related to these cases to protect everyone’s privacy, unless with the relevant authorities should the information possibly aid their work in tackling the spread of the virus.

We appeal to all students to remain at home and refrain from gathering in large numbers, now that physical UM lectures have been called off.Should there be any further information, we will ensure to update the student body accordingly.

We remain committed to providing any assistance necessary at this time and are available through our own KSU helpline on (+356) 79077990. To report COVID-19 symptoms call 111.

Five new cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Malta, no cases of local transmission.

13th March 10:30

Following another press conference given this morning, the Superintendent for Public Health, Prof. Charmaine Gauci has confirmed 5 new Covid-19 cases h in Malta, one of which being a University student. The authorities are currently tracing any persons the student was in contact with. We ask the student body to be respectful to this student’s privacy in this trying time. None of the new cases are locally transmitted. All mass public events have been postponed. National museums and public theatres are closed indefinitely.

Mandatory Quarantine for all persons travelling to Malta.

13th March 16:23

On the 13th March, it was confirmed that 3 new cases have been found positive, meaning that the number has risen to 12 cases. All three of them had travelled abroad in recent days and none of the cases seem to have been transmitted locally. One of the persons effected had attended some social events in Malta but the relevant authorities are attempting to trace persons she came in contact with.

Charmaine Gauci, the Superintendent of Public Health, confirmed that one of the 12 patients has now tested negative for the virus, meaning that she is in recovery. Whilst this person has been discharged from Mater Dei, she is being kept under quarantine at home. However, there was no specified date until when this will last.

Prime Minister Robert Abela has officially announced a mandatory quarantine period of 14 days for all persons travelling to Malta, irrelevant of which country they are coming from. This also applies to tourists, who are required to spend their quarantine period inside their accommodation. All those who disobey this rule and breach quarantine will be fined 1000 euro for each time they breach quarantine. It was also announced that third country nationals who are caught breaching the quarantine period will also have their work permit revoked, meaning that they will be deported from the island. The quarantine will be strictly enforced by authorities, with particular importance being given to critical cases.

Safeguards for students at the University of Malta with reference to outcomes of COVID-19 coronavirus measures.

13th March 15:12

A document prepared by KSU following yesterday’s KE/KPS meeting of student representatives and student societies.

Click here to view the document.

Important update on measures taken at the University of Malta in view of the COVID-19 virus.

March 12th 23:16

As of tomorrow, Friday 13th March, lectures at all University campuses will not be delivered in the normal method, through lecture rooms and other physical learning spaces. The University of Malta will support students through online teaching and learning methods. Further details and information will be provided by the administrators of your study units.

Students are not expected to be on campus during this period. Those who need to access any laboratories or similar spaces in view of essential work related to research are advised to communicate with their supervisors. Any necessary changes to the assessment modes of study units, where applicable, will be communicated in due course.

Kindly note the following:
• The library and IT Services buildings will not be open to students;
• The chapel will only be open for private prayer;
• The Food Facility will be closed as from Monday March 16, 2020;
• The Health and Wellness Centre, including the Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic will be closed. Those who wish to contact the Centre urgently can do so via the helpline 2340 3988.

These arrangements remain in force for at least a week and are subject to updates. Previous communications of the Emergency Situation Team remain in force. Please refer to your UM IT email account for detailed updates.

Students Abroad
March 12th 5.31. P.M.

KSU would like to advise all Erasmus students who are overseas and are having difficulty establishing passage back to Malta to contact the University international office on +356 2340 2224/ 2804 or via email on [email protected]

Should you have difficulties reaching the UM international office, one may also contact any of the KSU Executive members or email [email protected]

Safeguards for Students
March 12th 3.23P.M.

KSU is working on a list of safeguards and requests to present to UM in respect of the recent news, keeping in mind possible outcomes of the current COVID-19 virus situation.

We are currently gathering information on the varying situations at the UM faculties, institutes and departments to better understand the implications and effects that short or long term measures may have on the various courses of studies.

KSU will be addressing all concerns which arise and coming up with proposals for each of them. Apart from course-specific information, we are also working on including a proposal on students on Erasmus, as well as international students.

We will also be meeting the various University student representatives later this afternoon to further our understanding of the situation and the way forward.

We would like to stress the importance of taking responsibility for each others’ health, as well as our own, by following the public health guidelines being instructed by the various institutions. We also urge all student organisations to adopt public health measures.

Should anyone have any concerns, or would like to share any information about situations which need addressing, please contact us by messaging our facebook page.

Events Cancelled
|March 12th 9.32A.M.

Due to recent developments concerning measures to mitigate the spread of infectious diseases and safeguard public health, it is with great regret that the council will have to postpone indefinitely a number of events which were planned for the upcoming months of the current term. These events include, but are not limited to:

* The KSU International Trip to Egypt
* MEP international internship opportunities
* The KSU Sustainable Treasure Hunt 2020
* KSU Student Organisations Collaboration Party
* The KSU Sports Festival

All other future events remain subject to review pending further updates to the situation.

We would also like to advise students that a number of hand sanitisation points have been set up at Student House. In these testing times, KSU would like to urge all citizens to remain calm and be responsible for their own health and each others.

Our thoughts go to those affected by COVID-19 across the globe.

Statement on UMASA Request to cancel lectures
March 11th 8.44P.M.

In light of UMASA’s request to cancel lectures until the end of the Easter recess, KSU would like to reiterate that the Council’s priority remains the health and wellbeing of its students and is not against considerate measures which safeguard this priority.

The Council is however concerned that UMASA is lobbying for University to unilaterally cancel all lectures at the University of Malta without ensuring that lecturers continue their lectures through alternative lecturing methods, including the use of online resources.

The implications of this request on students will be significant, undoubtedly affecting their end of year examinations, assignment and dissertation deadlines due to interruptions in their studies. KSU has been in constant contact with the University of Malta to ensure that the health and wellbeing of all students is supreme, however, the implications of such measures must where possible be addressed and understood. KSU remains open to further discussion with all concerned parties including UMASA, to find a solution which benefits all concerned whilst reducing the negative impact such a decision has on students and their studies.

KSU will be convening an urgent meeting with all student representatives and student societies on campus to further address this matter.