Over the past months, a significant number of University of Malta students from across a variety of courses have been attending Mater Dei Hospital (MDH) and other healthcare facilities in partial fulfilment of their coursework.

These students have not yet received official confirmation as to when they will be receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. While we fully understand that a number of different groups require prioritisation, KSU believes that students who are working directly within the healthcare sector should be adequately considered within the vaccination timeline.

Their work at hospital not only poses a risk towards themselves and their families, with a number of students being placed under quarantine due to their placements at hospital, but also poses a risk to the patients that they encounter during their coursework. Moreover, clinical practice is an essential part of healthcare students’ programme of studies and must therefore be safeguarded.

Therefore, KSU calls for the timely prioritisation of students who are attending placements, attachments or other teaching sessions within healthcare facilities to ensure the safety of students and patients and the successful completion of their coursework.

This statement is endorsed by MHSA – Malta Health Sciences Association, MMSA – Malta Medical Students Association, MADS – Malta Association of Dentistry Students and MPSA – Malta Pharmaceutical Students Association.