Christian Aquilina

Sec Gen

Christian Aquilina is an active law student at the University of Malta with a passion for student activism. He occupied the roles of Financial Officer, Events Officer and Vice President in the past two years as an executive board member in JEF Malta. Christian also shows interest in public speaking and current affairs whilst maintaining his passion for music. 

After occupying the role of Social Policy Coordinator within KSU for the term 18/19, Christian is ready to embark on a new journey as KSU’s Secretary General for the term 19/20. He would like to build on the stellar work done by the previous executive, to continue working on KSU’s relationship with the University Administration so as to continue providing students with the best level of service possible. Additionally, he will be striving to bring something new to the table this year by giving importance to the student organisations on campus. He cannot stress enough the importance of active participation in KSU’s agenda for the upcoming term to ensure that the Council’s work is as representative as possible.


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