Celine Bartolo

Vice President 

Celine is a 21 year old currently wrapping up her Masters of Science in Public Policy and Strategic Management with the main research focus of integration and inclusion of refugees. 

Throughout her University experience she has served as part of the executive of both Malta University Sports Club and the recently founded Wolves Rugby Club. This is her second consecutive year in KSU, having served the Culture and Entertainment office during 2018-2019. 

Her vision for this year in KSU is that of creating opportunities for collaboration through sponsorships, making the Council a platform for expanding the student interests. She will also be focusing on the Green Fund and other initiatives. One of her core responsibilities is the planning and execution of the yearly Freshers’ Week, an anticipated event which is one of the largest for the Council. 

On a personal level, Celine is outgoing, talkative, cheerful and always has a smile on her face.  She has keenly participated in theatrical performances from a young age and also enjoys sports, mostly through team management. 


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