KSU (Kunsill Studenti Universitarji) is looking to employ the services of a person with a keen interest in working with students. The person will form part of the Council’s administrative secretariat and work with the KSU Executive and the senior member of the secretariat. The ideal candidate would be motivated to provide the best possible service to students at the University of Malta while being flexible enough to provide assistance in the running of the Students’ Council. The work would be on a part-time basis and entails operating in a diverse environment, handling and assisting in multiple tasks which might vary in nature.

Being an NGO, working with KSU will be an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding experience. Typical duties would be:

  • assisting in the preparation and execution of KSU initiatives, projects and events;
  • receiving, recording and assisting in basic student complaints;
  • providing general assistance to students and student societies on campus while helping with fundraising initiatives for the Council;
  • assistance in the management of venues under the responsibility of KSU.

The role requires that the person be fluent in English and Maltese. The person must have a grasp of basic IT systems and able to use basic Microsoft Office without any further training. Training in other systems specific to the role will be provided to the successful applicant. The role is primarily a service-oriented one and therefore any previous experience in similar positions will be considered an asset. A keen eye for detail, an eagerness to serve and help, a smart demeanour and possession of organisational skills are also required.

To apply please send your CV to [email protected] by the 25th of January 2021.