All KSU members attending the KSU AGM on the 30th of April 2020 at 12:00 (noon) are to read through these instructions and follow them in order to gain access to the meeting and maintain order in its procedure.

Should you encounter any problems before or during the AGM please email us on: [email protected]

For urgent matters please contact us on (+356) 23402104 or (+356) 79077990 (mobile and WhatsApp). You can also communicate with us on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Accessing the Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Register for the AGM here: . Make sure to register using your University of Malta IT account (email address ending in, providing your correct details. Registration will remain open during the AGM but verification may take a few minutes.

  1. Once your registration has been confirmed you will receive a confirmation email and a link to the meeting. This is a unique link associated with your login details and should not be shared with others.
  2. Ensure you have access to Zoom. Having the application downloaded and installed is recommended but not necessary as the web-browser version will be available. Instructions on downloading, installing and signing-in to Zoom are available here.
  3. Sign-in to Zoom using your University of Malta account through the single sign on (SSO) option. More instruction on how to do so can be found here.
  4. You will not be able to access the AGM link if you are not signed-in to Zoom according to this procedure.
  5. Once your account is set-up, access to the AGM will be open at 11:30am on April 30th 2020.

Please follow the instructions below to properly exercise your rights whilst maintaining the order of the procedure laid out for the Annual General Meeting:

 Entering the Annual General Meeting

All members whose registration is confirmed at least one (1) hour before the start of the AGM will receive an email confirmation of their registration, an access link as well as a reminder about the AGM one hour before its start. Any member who registers after the start of the AGM will have his/her registration confirmed and will receive the link to enter the meeting. 

Once the link is accessed, members signed into Zoom with their University of Malta account will automatically enter the AGM. Please follow the instructions in Step 4 above to ensure you are signed-in to Zoom correctly. This is a security feature which restricts the webinar to users with a University of Malta domain only. 

A member who enters the meeting after its start might have to spend time in the waiting room while a meeting is ‘locked’ during voting.

For non-AGM clarifications or to deal with technical matters, please do not use any function in the meeting but contact KSU directly on: [email protected]

For urgent matters: (+356) 23402104 or (+356) 79077990 (mobile and WhatsApp) or Facebook Messenger.

The meeting will be set-up to allow members to exercise all their rights as is done in a normal Annual General Meeting and the software allows for members to vote and speak, following the procedure outlined below. Some general information about the meeting is:

  • The Chair and KSU Executive Committee members will serve as panelists, their cameras will be on, they may speak and they may present to the audience.
  • Chat between participants will be disabled.
  • Members wishing to request the floor or make a point to the Chair may use the ‘Q&A’ feature together with the ‘Raise Hand’ feature. This feature is not anonymous and will be minuted.
  • Asking for the floor requires that one speaks. Members who do will have their camera and microphone enabled and both must be switched on. This will be minuted.
  • The meeting will be ‘locked’ for every vote and no new members can join the meeting during votes. The chair will allow adequate time for voting and votes will contain 3 options; against; abstention; and; in favour. 

The Meeting

Requesting the floor:

Members will be automatically muted for the duration of the meeting, however, at any point in the proceedings a member may interject to; make a point of order, make a point of information, present a motion or counter-motion, ask a question or  pass a comment, amongst others during times when the Chair opens the floor up for a discussion. Justified requests will be granted.


  • Request the floor at the appropriate time by both using the “Raise Hand’ feature and the ‘Q&A’ feature. The Q&A feature should include the written request to the chair who may select whether this is visible or not. Q&A requests are not anonymous and will be minuted. Replies may be written as a Q&A answer or given out viva voce.
  • A member whose request is accepted will be allotted a time in which to speak by the Chair. Normal procedure dictates that speaking time is limited to 3 minutes and this must be strictly followed.
  • When a member is directed to speak, the Chair will indicate this and enable the member’s microphone. Requesting the floor requires a viva voce presentation with both the camera and microphone switched on and with the member clearly visible while speaking. Failure to provide the two will not allow one to be given the floor. 


All members are allowed and encouraged to vote during the meeting. Only tallied vote results are recorded and members’ individual votes are anonymised and cannot be minuted. The meeting will be locked as soon as a vote is announced and no new members can enter during that time, consequently, members who leave also cannot re-enter during votes. Adequate time will be allowed for voting which will be indicated by the chair.


  • The Chair will announce that a vote is to be taken as well as the time allowed for voting.
  • The poll will pop-up on the screen together with a timer.
  • The poll options will be; against, in favour; abstention. Members who fail to select any option during the voting time will not be considered in the vote tally.
  • Once the voting time has elapsed, voting is closed and the results are published in the window.
  • Any member who requires urgent assistance during votes should contact KSU immediately using the above details.

Other information:

  • The meeting will be minuted as usual and no recordings will be taken or stored.
  • A team from KSU will be available to deal with any matters which require immediate attention during the AGM. They may be reached on: [email protected] , or (+356) 23402104 or (+356) 79077990 (mobile and WhatsApp) or Facebook Messenger.
  • All information gathered and stored before, during or after the meeting will be done according to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations, outlined in the KSU Privacy Policy: 
    • Data collected during registrations will be used solely for member verification purposes and will be deleted after the end of the meeting.
    • Names of members who request the floor, make a point, interject during the AGM, who are nominated for any role, board or committee, and/or who propose and second persons for any role, board or committee may be minuted and will be stored as archive material.
  • No member or person present may, at any point or by any means, record, save or publish any part of the meeting or the meeting in its entirety whatsoever.
  • The KSU website contains all documents related to the AGM. These include: the Statute, the Annual Reports, the audited financial statement 2019, the minutes of the previous meeting and the motions submitted.