Yasmine Ellul

Student Affairs Officer

Yasmine is a 21-year-old third year student at the University of Malta, currently reading for a degree in Law.

She is very active on campus, in fact, she has been very much involved in ELSA Malta for the past three years and has occupied the role of Director for Academic Affairs for the term 2018/19 and the role of President of the same association for the term 2019/20. Apart from this, Yasmine is currently a Student Representative on the University of Malta Senate. Throughout her university experience so far, Yasmine has taken on numerous projects, most notably the organisation of the International Council Meeting of ELSA for 450 international students.

Throughout her past roles and in her role as student representative on Senate, she has been very vocal about safeguarding the interests of the student body, and she aims to continue doing this throughout her term in KSU as Student Affairs Officer.

Her vision for this year in KSU is that of improving the wellbeing of all university students. She also aims to be a strong and effective point of contact with all student organisations in order to ensure that the services that they offer to students in their respective faculties are of the highest quality and that the work that they do to do this is made easier for them.

Yasmine is very passionate about student activism and advocacy as she firmly believes in the need for actions for the good of society. She will be working within KSU to ensure that students are represented in the best way possible and that the circle of student activism in the University of Malta is widened.

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