The Student Representatives are your main link to the university administration on most academic issues.

The main role of the student representatives is to represent the students in board meetings of senate, council, faculties, institutes or centres. Each board has two student representatitves. They are also invited to the KSU Education Commission (known as KE – Kummisjoni Edukazzjoni) to discuss education policy together. This commission gives KSU its position on education issues and provides another link for the students with KSU.

It is ideal to familiarize yourself with your student reps and keep their contact details handy so that when in need, you can contact them immediately.

This is the list of representatives on the University Council, Senate, Facilities, and the main institutes and centres.

Carla Galea

Omar Chircop

Nigel Micallef

Lara Attard

Yasmine Ellul

Michael Piccinino

Beppe Galea (PG)

Chiara Vassallo (PG)

Joslyn Saliba

Martina Tabone

Nico Muscat (PG

Kyle Mangani

Mattea Fenech (PG)

Lara Cuschieri

Charlotte Louise Axisa

Anne Camilleri

Matthew Gauci

Owen Micallef

Eman Haber

Nicole Kirkpatrick

Eunice Bonello

Chaya Fenech (PG)

Luke Scicluna (PG)

Nathan Gatt

Matthew Xuereb

Naomi Deguara

Edward Degabriele

Ernie Christ Farrugia (PG)

Matthew Vella

Julian Demicoli

Jason Micallef (PG)

Celine Cuschieri Debono

Chris Grech

Clint Meli (PG)

Yvette Farrugia

Denise Gatt

Yacopo Baldacchino

James Nicholas Delia Spiteri Cornish

Rebekah Attard Trevisian (PG)

Jillian Spiteri

Matteo Camilleri

Duncan Muscat (PG)

Roderick Baldacchino

Clive Seychell

Karl Andrew Schembri

Anthony David Brincat

Luca Spiteri Monsigneur