Jurgen John Gauci

Culture anEntertainment Coordinator

Jurgen is a 24-year-old student who is currently finishing his bachelor’s degree in Tourism Studies. Jurgen’s many interests including, travel, sports, food, history, and gaming found their connection in the events field in which he took great interest.

In fact, during these previous two years, he held the position of events officer within the Tourism Studies Association and worked hard to bridge the gap between the associations and the students. He was also active on campus in various initiatives such as Campus Fest and Students’ Fest and always sought new experiences which bring him closer to new people.

As events coordinator, Jurgen’s main aim will be to improve the link between the student and their day to day life on campus at the University. This he intends to do by increasing the events offered throughout the year and making them more accessible to everyone. Furthermore, he also looks forward to meeting students around campus and hearing their ideas on what they wish to see more around University.

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