Elsa Cassar

Education Coordinator

Elsa is a 3rd year student currently reading for Doctor of Medicine and Surgery.

Her passion for student activism kicked off with her position as Class Repesentative within her course year. Ever since, she has also taken on the roles of Board of Studies Representative, as well as Representative on the UoM Senate. Through her roles, she has been vocal on issues pertaining to the wellbeing and educational interests of the entire student body. Apart from student activism, Elsa is also passionate about organisations, being an active member within MMSA, as well as chairperson of the youth council of The Scout Association of Malta.

As Education Coordinator, Elsa will be working to represent and safeguard the interests of all students. Together with the Education Commissioner, she will ensure that KSU is at the forefront of dealing with issues that students face whilst further enhancing the University experience.

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