Author: Rafel Grima, Moviment Graffitti.

Moviment Graffitti is active against the oppression and exploitation of people, environment and animals; with a vision of freedom and radical democracy. It is a left-wing movement autonomous from any economic force or political party, and practices radical democracy within its structures. We have been on the forefront of several struggles for the protection of the environment, social and human rights. To name just a few, Moviment Graffitti protested the sale of public land for private projects such as Portomaso, SmartCity and CIty Centre; fought in campaigns to raise the minimum wage and in many other workers’ struggles; presented for rent geulation in Malta; organised actions which succeeded in gaining access to Monoel Island; and has carried direct actions at the PA concerning the approval of ODZ fuel stations.

This year marks the 25th year anniversary of the founding of Moviment Graffitti. The movement was formed by students from both Sixth Form and University who were dissatisfied by the political, economic and socio-political realities at the time. Since then the movement has grown significantly in both size and reputation. Most recently this culminated in the 7th September national protest on the environment, Iż-Żejjed Kollu Żejjed. To mark the anniversary Moviment Graffitti produce a short documentary.

Studenti MG will be screening the documentary in the KSU Common Room on the 27th of November during Degree+ hours followed by a discussion about student activism. This discussion will be moderated by Kurt Borg and the speakers are Andre Callus (MG), Celine Bartolo (KSU) and Eman Borg (KNŻ).

Rafel Grima is a student at the University of Malta studying Mathematics and Physics  and is an active memeber in moviment graffitti.