Culture and Entertainment Officer: Steve Sammut Alessi

Steve is twenty-one years old and is currently in his third year of studies reading for a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery degree. He spends most of his time between Mater Dei and University Campus allowing him to balance out his medical placements with other university commitments. Having a keen interest for art, travel and music, he does his utmost to try and find some time in his agenda to enjoy and appreciate his passions.

Steve has spent a considerate amount of his University life in the Malta Medical Students Association (MMSA). Having occupied various coordinator roles and assisted mainly in the Medical Education sector, he made it his mission to encourage more medical students to feel part of their association. Subsequently he was elected as the Secretary General for MMSA and this allowed him to plan and execute the biggest Training and Resource Development weekend the organization had ever seen, whilst also taking care of the various administrative tasks and challenges throughout the entirety of his term. He is also an IFMSA recognized Trainer and has given several training sessions locally as well as on an international level. This year he also represented MMSA at the International Federation of Medical Students Associations' March Meeting in Tunisia as part of the Maltese delegation.

As KSU Culture and Entertainment Officer, Steve plans to keep on building on the work that has been done before him, whilst keeping always one aim in mind - that of including more students in the events organized. He fervently believes that student involvement and dedication is the key for KSU to produce high quality events. He plans on keeping this office in very close contact with the student organizations, which ultimately, are at the heart of KSU. Steve looks  forward to the intense, yet challenging year which lies ahead.

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobile: 9906 5204